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NewHomePage Email Blast Service provides a simple means for you to send bulk emails to your leads or customers.

Using the Email Blast Service is simple:
  1. Signup for the service.
  2. Upload your comma-delimited list of email addresses.
  3. Enter the content for your email.
  4. That's it.

All emails go out with an opt out and opt in option. You can allow users to email to the list or you can set it so that only you email the list. So this could be an email Group conference service or a means for you to communicate with all your clients.

You are charged based on the number of email addresses that you attempt to send email to. 24 hours after your blast, you will be notified of the results of your blast. Your credit card will be charged a one time setup fee by CISC Inc. at the time you setup your account with us. You will be billed for individual email blasts as you execute them.

This service is intended for businesses who want to convey important information to their customers who in turn have opted-in to receive such information. This service is not be used for the purpose of spamming or sending of any type of unsolicited email to individuals or businesses that have not explicitly requested to receive such email.

Number of
Email Addresses
One Time
Setup Fee
Price Per
1 to 200
$2.99 $0.10
201 to 1000
$2.99 $0.08
1001 to 5000
$2.99 $0.05
$2.99 $0.01
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